Windshield Repair

Replacing a damaged windshield is an expensive task. So we ignore sometime small chip and stone cracks on the windshield just to save some hard earned money. But do you know All windshield Cracks are not large enough and can be repaired at nominal cost if you take an advise from a car glass expert. Here come the role for Auto Glass Master ™. If you find any kind of spot or chip or stone mark on your windshield. You can call us for assistance before it grew so much that you don't have an option rather than to go for windshield replacement.

windshield glass repair

In General all windshield cracks and stone chip are repairable, but it depends on four factors.
1. Size of Crack - all cracks smaller than a size of coin are repairable.
2.Type of Crack - Star Break (short radial cracks coming off of the impact point), Bulls-Eye (circular damaged caused by circular object) or Partial Bulls-Eye (aka Half Moon, also caused by circular object, damage is not completely circular), Crack Chip (single crack size of a quater), Ding (same as Crack Chip), or Pit (small piece of glass missing) can be easily repaired.
3.Depth of Crack
4.Location of Crack - Even good repairs may leave behind some discolouration, mistiness or unevenness, and if the damage is in the driver's line of sight, repair would decrease clarity and reduce visibility. The technician must consider all potential drivers of the vehicle when determining the line of sight over the steering wheel, because this can vary depending upon the height of each driver. Any crack that is at or very near the windshield's edge, or any chip at or near the edge that has caused the windshield to start cracking, attenuates the strength and integrity of the windshield and its bonding to the surrounding metal frame, which in turn compromises passenger safety.

Damages that usually cannot be repaired:
1. On inside of the windshield
2. Deep damage on both layers of glass
3. Damage over rain sensor, internal radio antenna
4. Damages that reach into the driver's critical viewing area
5. Complex multiple cracks very long cracks (i.e. over 18 inches long)
6. Contaminated cracks
7. Edge cracks and chips

At Auto Glass Master ™, we are fully commited to our Repair First policy. Our technicians are fully trained to repair any crack or stone chip impact up to a size of small coin. We first diagnose your windshield and its impact area for repair solution, only if it is impossible to repair a crack or the crack is directly in Drivers Vision Area we suggest you to go for replacement. Below are some repairable and non repairable impacts.